Oman tourism

Oman Tourism

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Oman an oasis of beauty and tranquility. Located in the south east of the Arabian Peninsula bordering UAE, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. A safe and a peaceful country that welcome tourists.


          Oman natural beauty come from its long beaches that extend hundreds of kilometers, high mountains ranges with valleys (Wadis) in between them, and majestic sand dunes.


          Muscat is the capital city that distinguish itself from the rest of the capitals in the region by its rich history and modern live and services. The other cities in Oman such as Nizwa, Rustaq, Salalah and Sur have their own charm and varieties of offering for visitors to learn or enjoy.


          Oman hundreds of castle, forts and museums make the country a culture hop and all these diversities insures options for tourists from activity to relaxing holidays. 

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